Whether it’s a short ride to the nearest grocery store or a road trip to another state, the minutes and hours will fly by with some fun, educational games.


  1. Hangman

This classic game requires a sheet of paper or something to write on. One person thinks of a word and represents each letter with an underscore on the paper. Everyone else will take turns guessing the letters that are in the word, until the word is successfully revealed or guessed.


  1. 20 Questions

One person will think of a word. Everyone else will then take turns asking yes-no questions to determine what the word is. For example, if someone thinks of the word “pigeon,” others might ask “Is it a living thing?” (the person would say yes) or “Does it live in water?” (the person would say no). This continues until 20 questions have been asked, and all the players take turns to guess the word. If the players figure out the word earlier on, they can also try to guess it.


  1. Storytime

Exactly what it sounds like – one person can begin the story with a sentence like “Once upon a time…,” and others will continue it with a sentence each time. You can let the story come to its natural conclusion, or set a time limit for completing the story.


  1. Rhymes/Homophones Pair Game

In this game for younger children, one person thinks of a word and says it out loud. Others then have to think of as many words as possible that rhyme with the word or sound the same as the word. Everyone will then describe the differences in meaning between those words.


  1. Animal Game

One person names any animal of their choice, and the next person has to name another animal that starts with the last letter of the animal that was named before that. The game ends when no one can think of more animals to name! You can also try this game with nearly every other category of objects like food, countries or movies.