With over 5 years of private tutoring experience, I have been able to develop a unique approach that guarantees my students positive results! I firmly believe that diving a student’s attitude and perspective towards their studies is the key to identifying a student’s areas of need. I see all of my students in the same light: as intelligent, multi-faceted individuals who can truly accomplish any goal they seek to accomplish, and I know my knowledge, positivity, and determination will help them achieve their goals!

I am passionate about education because of my childhood tutor, who helped me find my passion for education by showing me the importance of helping others see their potential for success.

My investigate and Socratic approach dives into my students’ attitude and perspective towards their class struggles to better understand their approach to their schoolwork. Then I take this and help the student create a new way of visualizing the material, allowing me to reteach it to them in a manner more conducive to their strengths to master their work. Friendliness, patience, and confidence in my students pushes them to improve their outlook, their schooling, and most importantly, their character!

I have spent my 5 years primarily teaching Math and Science. For the past 2 years, I have taught Math (up to Calculus I), English (Language, Literature, and Essay Composition), Science (Chemistry and Physics), and test preparation, including the SSAT, SAT, ACT, HSPT, and ISEE. I teach students of all levels of schooling, from K-12 to students at the University level.

In addition to my teaching experience, through my education in both Finance and Marketing in college, I learned the importance of connecting to others in a friendly and professional manner, while achieving quantitative results in a methodical, goal-oriented, team-driven way. I want my students to work hard and I want to work hard for them!