In every community that I have been a part of I have always thought that the most impactful way to enrich it is by being there for children at a time when they are developing their mental, emotional, intellectual and physical habits. When I was starting my journey at St. Lawrence, I wanted to have a college job that immersed myself into my new community in a positive and impactful way. I found that my university has a math and reading program that sends students to local elementary schools to tutor– I have found my calling! I have been working with elementary students in special education classrooms every semester and it has been a transforming experience. When I got home, I became a special needs paraprofessional for the public school district that I grew up in. I created individual academic plans and support systems for my students. I worked one on one with special needs students on their academic and personal development.

My teaching philosophy is that learning should not just be informational, but transformational. I strive to cultivate in my students mindful learning and thinking practices. Developing students state of mind will enrich their thirst for learning, world view perspective and moral compass. I am passionate about being a part of their development process and to help guide them to become critical thinkers that enrich our society. I use my role is a tutor to help my students to discover their personhood and their passions, while not just making them regurgite information.

I hope you consider me for your tutoring needs. As I like to say to my students– let’s have some intellectual fun!

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Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: St. Lawrence University (2020), B.A. in Business in the Liberal Arts and Performance & Communication Arts
Graduate Degree:


I enjoy drawing with watercolors, going to museums, trying new food, exploring new places, playing basketball, hiking and connecting with people!

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