I am a recent graduate from University of California Santa Barbara who has a passion to teach mathematics. With over 500+ hours of tutoring experience, I am confident to say that all of my students have a significant increase in their grades as well as their understanding in mathematics. I have worked with various students ranged from K-12, no matter what background the student comes from, I believe that every student has the potential to excel. Everyone learns in a different pace, some might need more time or more guidance; as a responsibility of a tutor, I will ensure all my students get the equitable education they deserve. I want my students to know that I am someone who sincerely want to help them succeed in their classroom.

I started tutoring by volunteering in the library during my high school years. During my years in University, I tutored mathematics to middle and high students regularly after classes. In the past three summers, I have devoted my time to learn the skills to become an effective teacher. I have various tutoring backgrounds such as one-on-one, private, and group settings. Last summer, I was admitted to a teaching program where I was given a wonderful opportunity to teach middle school math in a charter school. During these few weeks, I have created over 20 lesson plans that ensured all materials I delivered are aligned to the core standard grade level. I have taught a classroom consisted of 25 students who did not pass their grade during the regular year. It was a difficult experience but during these 4 weeks, I have build a close relationship with my students and I am absolutely proud that they have all passed the final assessment and are ready to move on to 7th grade.

Now that I have graduated from undergrad, I am ready to move onto the next chapter of my life and pursue my goal to become a teacher. I am currently applying for a teaching credential to further my skills in the art of teaching. I have passed my mathematic CSET I, II, and III. I will continue to study the materials so I could delivery my lessons more effectively to my students.

Being professional means committed to what I promised, I take responsibly as an educator seriously. My teaching philosophy is to focus on what the students have instead of what they do not. Every student is unique in their own way and I want to use what they have to help them develop their full character.

Amy's qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: University of California, Santa Barbara- Bachelor of Science: Statistical Science
Graduate Degree:


I love doing arts and crafts, baking, playing badminton, hiking, or just decorating! I have many other interests too, but you will generally find me doing one of these activities during my free time. I tend to use students’ interests in my lessons to get them more involved or feel more comfortable around me. I found this strategy helps me understand the students more as well as help them feel more interested in the subject.

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