Caitlyn “CC”

Caitlyn “CC”

Looking for a student-centered tutor who can help break down complex concepts and boost your grades? In need of an experienced educator who can provide you with accommodations or differentiated instruction to meet your needs? As an experienced teacher and tutor, I have provided academic support to high school students in private and public schools, as well as adult English Language Learners. My tutoring strategies get results, and help you feel more confident as you excel at your studies.

I have taught students in a variety of subjects, on the one-on-one level as well as in small groups and classroom settings. I have worked with students from many different walks of life and with different strengths, and pride myself on practicing a culturally relevant pedagogy. My approach is highly individualized to meet each student’s diverse needs and meet them where they are. As a high school teacher with a Master’s in Education, I have the professional experience necessary to ensure that you have a tutoring experience that leaves you feeling empowered, ready to take on your studies and learn all there is to know!

Caitlyn “CC”'s qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: English, History
Graduate Degree: Master's in Secondary Education


In my spare time I enjoy writing, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors with my adorable shih tzu poodle mix I adopted from Tijuana. (His name is Apollo.) I'm an avid bicyclist and am involved in social justice work, including prison letter writing through Black and Pink LA. I'm also a lifelong learner, and enjoy reading as much as I can and traveling to expand my horizons!

Tutoring Subjects