Caroline is a knowledgeable, patient, and enthusiastic tutor who has experience connecting with students from many different backgrounds and with differing learning styles. Caroline graduated from Williams College cum laude in 2018 with a B.A. in Chemistry and English. Throughout college, she was a teaching assistant for several chemistry classes and during summers privately tutored several students in math, chemistry, physics, and SAT prep. During this time, Caroline developed her teaching style and learned to motivate and encourage her students through clear explanation and thoughtful discussion. Due to her academic success and experience in teaching, Caroline was awarded a Fulbright Grant after her graduation and spent 9 months in Poland teaching college-level English. While in Poland, she also ran English conversation classes and privately tutored in ESL. Her experience teaching abroad has made Caroline confident that she can connect with any student, regardless of their background! Caroline is very friendly and patient, and is passionate about a range of subjects from English literature to organic chemistry! She plans to begin medical school in the fall of 2020.
Here are some of the things that Caroline’s past tutees have to say about her:
“Caroline is a very patient and kind tutor. She does not get frustrated when the student cannot grasp the subject but rather she encourages them to try again and approaches it in a different manner. It’s nice to have a tutor that isn’t just concerned about you getting the answer but concerned about how you feel. She cares about the student as a whole.” – Karla, tutored in SAT prep
“Caroline was my Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus tutor. Caroline was able to help me break the problems down into manageable steps. Her depth of understanding enabled me to move beyond memorization to fully comprehend the concepts. Caroline was very patient and when I was struggling she was able to pinpoint the root of my misunderstanding.” – Emily, tutored in chemistry, physics, and calculus
“Caroline was my and my brother’s English tutor in Poznań, Poland. She is a very kind and open minded person. She has always been very helpful to us. As a tutor she had great rapport with us. With Caroline we learned English in many active ways. She shared her favorite books and movies with us, which helped us to develop our English skills. We are in touch with Caroline till today.” – Gabriela, tutored in ESL

Caroline's qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: Williams College, B.A. in English and Chemistry
Graduate Degree:


Caroline has many hobbies, including reading, baking, and crossword puzzling! She loves to try new things and in college, some of the new activities she tried included improv comedy, water polo, and whitewater kayaking. She loves to travel and see new places. Caroline also enjoys spending time outside, especially with her dog, Saffron.

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