With nearly 1,000 hours of formal teaching experience, my tutoring guarantees positive results! Every student whom I’ve tutored has significantly increased in their grades and even motivation in school! My style is unique, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and extremely patient! My students have varied in motivation, maturity, personality, and even temperament. They come from all walks of life. My versatile personality finds a way to relate to each them individually.

In addition to this, I have spent the last year private tutoring high school students in Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics and SAT materials. I have also successfully private tutored 3 college graduates, preparing for the MCAT and higher level post-bac. programs. I have much experience teaching students on both the one-on-one and group level and have taught students varying in subjects. I believe that my experiences have equipped me to be a versatile and competitive candidate as a tutor.

Alongside previous teaching experiences, I have much experience with leadership, public speaking, and demonstrate a unique enthusiasm for learning.
Furthermore, I have a passion for the arts and sciences which is reflected in my degrees and success from Johns Hopkins. As a student, I discovered the value of learning and grew an enthusiasm for whatever subject I was studying. As a result, my passion for science and learning aids my teaching in the classroom as I can excite my students for the material. Therefore, I believe that my interpersonal, leadership, public speaking abilities, and enthusiasm equip me with the skills I need to qualify for and be a successful instructor.
In regards to relevant classes, I have taken biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, calculus, and many other biology courses like Reproductive Physiology at Hopkins. Additionally, I took geometry back in high school.

Finally, my SAT scores were Math: 680, Verbal: 610, and writing: 680. My MCAT score was a 34: 10 verbal, 12 Physical Sciences, and 12 Biological Sciences. I believe that I have definitely refined and improved these skills since high school due to my fruitful experiences at Hopkins. My students have started in the mid 20s and have eventually scored 30-33 with my help!

Celine's qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree:
Graduate Degree: Johns Hopkins University, B.S. in Biology and Chemistry


I have many hobbies and interests, but some of them include playing the drums, cycling the beautiful bay area, playing the piano, going to the movies, and playing badminton!! I even love to rock climb and go hiking too! I'm very laid back but I make sure to get work done! My personality is one of my greatest strengths and my students agree that my persona allows them to feel comfortable and not intimidated. I make sure to help my students feel confident. That is key.

Tutoring Subjects