Hi there! I’m a recent graduate from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Administration. During my time at USC, I’ve helped students with all English and writing-related topics––from academic and career-related essays to grammar and writing techniques. Likewise, I’ve helped with career guidance through building resumes/cover letters, conducting workshops, and mock interviews for business, finance, and consulting at companies like MBB, the Big 4, and fast-growing startups.

Throughout my time at USC, I’ve held both formal and informal tutoring roles that have allowed me to gain effective tutoring experiences. Through serving as Vice President for my organization, the USC Marshall Women’s Leadership board, I often helped younger students with a variety of coursework, organization, and career-building. This primarily included assisting with writing-related matters––such as English courses, essays, cover letters and resumes, and various applications with written portions. Having a wide range of experiences with tutoring peers––from various class ranges to specific needs––allowed me to effectively tailor my tutoring style to match what they needed to achieve success. Likewise, since I’ve had a lot of personal experience, I could effectively teach the information that has helped me succeed and thrive. The students that I’ve helped experienced great results with academic grades, interview invitations, college acceptances, and internship/job offers. I’m very passionate about helping an individual uncover their passions and achieve their goals.

My focus is to ensure students not only earn higher scores/grades but to also heighten their motivation and enthusiasm about academics. Through my experience, I’ve uncovered ways to make each topic enjoyable to learn and therefore, generate effortless success. I’m passionate about helping students uncover their full potential academically, and on their path to college and beyond. Looking forward to working together!

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Undergraduate Degree: University of Southern California, B.S. in Business Administration
Graduate Degree:


My hobbies tend to intertwine with my daily life and career: I love expressing my creativity and do so with cooking, writing, photography, and reading. Likewise, I love exploring––whether that be a new restaurant/eatery, a hike, scenic area, or a new city––I love the thrill of uncovering something new and enjoying it. I also enjoy being athletic and have found a lot of joy in yoga and tend to practice daily.

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