With over 10 years of experience teaching and working with children, adolescents and young adults, I can guarantee positive changes in schoolwork, grades and enthusiasm towards school! I am currently a Mental Health Specialist at McLean Hospital with a Bachelor degree in Psychology and a Certificate in Developmental Disabilities and Human Services. I am starting my Masters Degree in Social Work at Columbia University in the fall. I am organized and enthusiastic about teaching. I have always loved singing and drama. I have worked with children and adolescents in multiple capacities, including mental health, special education, music lessons and private tutoring. My warm and personable style allows me to make difficult subjects less intimidating and dreaded subjects a little more fun! I have experience working with a variety of age groups and am easily able to adapt and tailor my teaching styles to fit your needs.

I have a broad range of expertise, spanning from private tutoring a student with executive functioning disorder, to volunteering as a Student Special Education teacher and working one-on-one with students with IEP’s and developmental delays. In addition to working with children, I had the opportunity to work as a Professor’s Assistant for a Psychology course where I graded and edited papers and held one-on-one office hours.

Alongside my various teaching opportunities, I have also had the pleasure of working in the music, singing and performing arts field. As a music teacher for children and teenagers with disabilities, I learned to adapt advanced singing and guitar techniques and find an easier, more accessible approach to playing these instruments. I also taught singing, music and drama at numerous performing arts camps. Since music plays an important role in my life, I enjoy using music as a form of therapy for my patients at McLean Hospital.

Growing up, despite loving school and learning, I often struggled with test-taking anxiety which ultimately affected my performance. I found myself becoming frustrated and hard on myself. My own tutors helped me build the confidence I needed to succeed on exams. Having the opportunity to make an impact on my student’s learning is something I am incredibly passionate about!

Ella's qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: BA in Psychology, Certificate in Developmental Disabilities and Human Services
Graduate Degree:


I have many hobbies and interests. My favorite hobby is singing, performing and playing guitar. This passion has shaped who I am today. I also love exercising in various settings but my favorite is group fitness. I also love watching movies, going to the theatre and painting!

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