As an undergraduate student, my coursework varied from music to math and from law school prep to economics. Though my goals changed throughout this time, my love for learning and desire to follow my passions never wavered, and that is something that I hope to impart in my students no matter which academic path they choose.

In May 2019, I graduated magna cum laude with my BA in economics. However, my early undergraduate career consisted of courses in music theory, aural skills, and piano, during which time I also completed an intensive law school preparation program. Through this, I discovered I possess a unique aptitude for the logical and analytical reasoning sections of the LSAT which I believe my students can benefit from.

Relevant and more recent coursework includes probability and statistics, econometrics, calculus I-III, principles of mathematics, micro- and macroeconomic principles and theory, and linear and matrix algebra.

Isabella's qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: UT El Paso, B.A. in Economics
Graduate Degree: Boston University, M.A. in Economics (In progress)


My hobbies include playing instruments such as the French horn, accordion, and bass guitar. I also enjoy studying paleontology, participating in animal rights activism, and spending time with my three cats (I really love animals).

Tutoring Subjects