J. Tully

J. Tully

J. Tully Watson has over 19 years of experience and leadership in Finance, Investments, Accounting, Strategic Management, and Academic Consulting. He is a nationally recognized industry expert in finance, investments, institutional asset management, private wealth management, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, financial planning & analysis, and strategic management. Over the course of his career, Mr. Watson has worked for several top tier financial institutions including GOLDMAN SACHS, NOMURA SECURITIES INTERNATIONAL, and MERRILL LYNCH. He has an eye for moving any business forward to capitalize on its potential for profitability through in depth financial analysis, strategic planning, budgeting, investments, and implementing streamlined standard operating procedures. The breadth of his experience ranges from managing a bond portfolio of over $1.4 billion in assets under management (AUM) at the investment banking firm NOMURA SECURITIES INTERNATIONAL in the New York World Financial Center, as well as achieving the rank of #8 Financial Solutions Advisor in the entire United States while at MERRILL LYNCH, moving on to become the founder and CEO of JT Watson Financial LLC.

Mr. Watson’s abilities for creative strategic thinking based on fundamental business practices and trends, focusing on details, anticipating, and adapting, while effectively communicating with clients, team members, and executives are some of his greatest assets in relationship building and financial & investment management. In addition to his outgoing personality, he is an accomplished professional with a proven track record of determined achievement, always meeting goals and deadlines. Mr. Watson understands the importance of short and long-term strategic planning, ethical integrity, confidentiality, diplomacy, returns on investment, and sustainable business practices.

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Undergraduate Degree: University of Vermont
Graduate Degree: University of Vermont School of Medicine


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