I graduated from San Marcos High School in 2008 and joined the US Army shortly after. Upon returning to civilian life I decided to pursue higher education. In my studies I excelled in my major, and through my success I have had the opportunity to help my fellow classmates with their writing assignments.

Writing is my passion and I enjoy developing the writing process. As a sergeant in the Army, I discovered a love for instruction, so when I have the chance to help others understand writing, I have the wonderful privilege of combining my passions.

I have recently taken my GRE in order to apply for Graduate school. I have been accepted at California State University San Marcos for their Literature & Writing M.A. program. I plan on becoming a literature & writing professor following my graduate school, and I look forward to tutoring those who need my help along the way.

Jake's qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: California State University, San Marcos Literature & Writing B.A.
Graduate Degree:


I enjoy the outdoors. Whether I am camping, or simply walking to my local coffee shop, I enjoy being out in the sun. Besides reading and writing, my other hobbies include surfing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I train and compete in Jiu jitsu, and I find the gym my solace. I have recently picked up surfing again after years, and I am finding the challege exciting and humbling.

Tutoring Subjects