With four years of private tutoring experience and six years of university-level instruction, I am happy to use my expertise in one-on-one writing coaching to help students catch up to and advance beyond their peers in reading comprehension and writing skills.

I have a BA in History and English Literature, a Masters in English Literature and I am a PhD candidate in English at Saint Louis University. I have taught at the University of Iowa, Brown Mackie College, and I currently teach at Saint Louis University during the school year. My specialties include writing skills, history, and time management techniques, but after four years of private tutoring, I have helped students at many levels and all fields of study.

As an experienced educator, I know that teaching comes not from authority, but from the intersection of adaptability and accessibility. As an instructor, I meet student where they are and make my teaching accessible to all learning styles. I have found that when students feel properly supported, they flourish.

Kathryn's qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts from William Jewell College (Missouri) and the University of Oxford (England)
Graduate Degree: Master of Arts in English Literature from the University of Iowa and PhD Candidate in English Literature from Saint Louis University (ABD)


Kathryn's hobbies include reading, watching films, dog walking, riding roller coasters, and archery.

Tutoring Subjects