Hi there!

My name is Kayla and I am passionate about helping other’s discover a love for learning! I am currently earning my Masters in Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport which reflects my desire to be a lifelong learner. Additionally, being an active student helps me better connect with the students I tutor and keeps my brain fully engaged in ‘school mode’.

Over the past few years, I have tutored in a variety of capacities. I was a one on one tutor for an after school program in Malibu, California during my undergraduate career at Pepperdine University. I focused on teaching the students to organize their work and establish quality study habits that they can carry with them throughout their whole life. I believe organized students are better equipped to tackle challenging courses and manage any overwhelm they may feel.

I have also tutored at a juvenile detention center where I had to quickly establish ways to make learning fun and engaging. This experience taught me how to find the holes in students knowledge so that we can fill them together and build a solid foundation on which they can grow their education. I realized during my time at the detention center that success in school can help bolster students confidence and quickly propel them forward in life.

Furthermore, I have been a one on one tutor for children of families I nannied for during high school and college. I also have an abundance of experience working with students who have special needs like Down syndrome and autism. My older sister has Down syndrome and helping walk her through her own educational journey has taught me patience, empathy, and compassion for everyone I encounter.

Each of the students I have tutored improved their grades and test scores. They learned how to organize and prioritize their work and overall became better learners. I love encouraging students to pursue their curiosities and learn how to ask questions. My undergraduate degree is in psychology with a minor in social work. Therefore, social sciences are my forte! My current Masters program is focused on nutrition, biology, chemistry, and anatomy and thus I am confident in my ability to tutor in these subjects.

Kayla's qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: Pepperdine University- BA in Psychology
Graduate Degree: University of Bridgeport- Masters of Nutrition


I have many hobbies and they seem to be expanding all the time. I am a lifelong learner and find pleasure in exploring new ideas and activities. I love to hike, ride horses, practice yoga, read, cook, and play with my black lab named Tiny. I love trying new things and I'm currently learning how to grow a garden! I recently built and moved into a tiny home on wheels so I'm always working on projects around my little home. I am passionate about expanding my own mind and enjoy encouraging others to take risks, ask questions, and learn in every facet of their lives!

Tutoring Subjects