I am very excited to be able to work with you! I have been instructing and teaching students from a very early age and have a passion for helping others succeed academically. Beginning when I was in 8th grade, I would volunteer every Friday at a charter school and work with the K-2 grade classroom. With my mother being both a teacher and a tutor, I was able to gain valuable skills from her and began taking on more teaching and tutoring roles. In high school, I volunteered as a peer math tutor and was nominated by my teacher to be an AP English peer tutor. I also tutored a student for several hours on a weekly basis during my senior year due to the fact that she was not getting enough individual instruction during school that she needed. While we mainly focused on math, I worked with her on a variety of subjects such as English and science; I even made her personalized notes that gave step-by-step reminders of the particular math topic we discussed that day. This last 2018-2019 school year, I worked at a charter school as a tutor/teacher’s assistant in which I worked with students from pre-k to 8th grade. I co-led an independent study class, tutored students both individually and in group settings, assisted in classroom management, taught lessons to students with learning disabilities, and much more. The subjects I worked on with students of a varying age range included math, English, Spanish, journalism, and science.

With regards to my own personal academic history, I begun taking college classes when I was in 11th grade and took the highest level classes that my high school had to offer. My school only offered two AP classes and for the first AP class I took, English Literature and Composition, I received a 4 and the next year I achieved the highest score one can earn on the AP English Language and Composition test. I graduated as the salutatorian and also with a Seal of Bi-literacy in Spanish. Since I took so many college classes in high school, I was able to get my associates degree only one year after graduating high school. I am now pursuing a major in Biology and a double minor in Spanish and Bible with the goals of either teaching Biology at a college level or being a Diagnostic Radiologist.

In case someone needs tutoring in this area, I am capable of tutoring someone in a college level Logic class although there wasn’t a subject option below that listed this course. I received an A in the class and impressed my professor enough for him to want me to tutor this subject at the college I was attending (although I had to decline due to the fact that I was transferring colleges).

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Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: I have completed my AS and am currently pursuing a BS in Biology and I will also be double minoring in Spanish and Bible.
Graduate Degree:


I enjoy doing a variety of activities but my main hobbies include CrossFit, jewelry making, hiking, and doing fun science/zero waste diy projects (such as making kombucha). If singing to music in my car was considered a hobby, I would add that to the list too!

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