I am a Chemical engineering passionate about teaching. I have been tutoring for the past three years working with middle, high school and undergraduate students in subjects including math, chemistry, and physics. My approach to teaching focuses on engaging students with the material at hand, and hopefully exciting them about the subject. My strong initiative and exceptional organizational skills, combined with my ability to work well under pressure, allow me to play a crucial role in a fast-paced teaching environment.

My background in Chemical Engineering was crucial to help me improve my analytical and problem-solving skills yet, working as a tutor, I realized that I can communicate complex information in a way people can easily comprehend. That being said, my goal is to combine my passion for education along with my Chemical Engineer/Tutor background to help kids understand the complex and amazing world we live in.

I am a highly experienced Math, Chemistry and Physics Tutor with diverse subject expertise. Adept at improving both group and individual concept understanding and performance. I hope to teach students by facilitating their learning and understanding, rather than attempting to cram knowledge in their heads. My style is unique, resourceful, empathetic, and extremely patient!

Tutoring in the past three years allowed me to not only facilitate learning for my students but also to drive enthusiasm towards discovering new perspectives as critical thinkers, a uniquely challenging but immensely rewarding aspect of this role. Being a private tutor also helped me develop interpersonal skills such as resilience, which has proved to be crucial in my professional career. Furthermore, I believe it is possible to shape a better future by helping the next generation to achieve their goals.

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Undergraduate Degree: Chemical Engineering
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Books, Plants, and cooking

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