Hello! My name is Ronni and I will be graduating with highest academic honors from UCLA in June 2019. I am easy going, patient and know what it’s like to feel frustrated. I truly want help you improve and ensure that you reach your full potential! I struggled with academics when I was younger and I know how difficult and frustrating it can be. But using the right organization and study methods I was able to turn my academic career around and truly thrive in the competitive academic environment. I believe that my personal academic struggle makes me a better tutor because I know how to simplify complex concepts and reimagine explanations that better suit the individual.

I think one of the most important aspect of tutoring is creating a personal relationship with the student where they can feel comfortable expressing their feelings and frustrations. It is important to me that the student knows I am on their side 100% and here to help in any way I can. I love to draw, paint, listen to music, write and exercise and I often try to incorporate creative yet academic activities into my sessions to help the student reimagine and enjoy the concepts they are learning.

Throughout college I pursued my own passion for economics, politics, research and international development. I have over three years of research experience as a research assistant and I wrote an original thesis this year. In the last two years I have worked on a number of projects to help at risk communities abroad by providing water and electricity access. These experiences have taught me how to stay organized and manage my time to ensure I always do good work.

I have over two years of experience in instructional positions and I have worked with a diverse range of students and families. For over a year I worked as a children’s app design teacher and as a peer tutor for the UCLA International Institute. These opportunities gave me the confidence to work with students of all ages and backgrounds.

My academic strengths include reading comprehension, literature, grammar and writing but I am also well versed in history, economics, politics, Spanish, Hebrew and basic mathematics. I can also help with SAT or ACT English/Writing as well as a number of SAT subject courses and other standardized tests. I am also very comfortable working with students who speak English as their second or third language. I immigrated to the US when I was five and I deeply empathize with the struggle to learn in an unfamiliar language.

I can’t wait to meet you and get started so you can reach your academic goals ASAP!

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Undergraduate Degree: UCLA Globalization Studies B.A.
Graduate Degree:


Reading, writing, listening to music, painting, drawing, photography, fitness, hiking, travel

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