Attaining academic excellence can be challenging, but hard work and dedicated help can make all the difference. Over the course of six years tutoring grades 6-12 and for the SAT, I have seen many committed students make significant improvement in their study skills, grades, and enthusiasm for learning. However, I have also seen that no two students learn in the same ways, so each student receives a custom lesson plan and dedicated individual attention to help them achieve their goals.

My approach to tutoring has evolved significantly over the years. I started tutoring as a volunteer in my local community at high school, and continued while completing my undergraduate degree. The relaxed and casual approach to tutoring that I learned in the first few years became more refined when I became a teaching assistant for undergraduate thermodynamics. In short order, I had to learn how to maintain a structured yet low-stress environment even with groups of students. I am grateful both for the challenge and experience, as it gave me more patience and more diverse tools to encourage learning and comprehension.

Outside of tutoring, I have a passion for running, piano, and saxophone. I competed at a state level for several years while playing saxophone and continue to have a passion for music to this day. While at Case Western University as an undergraduate I worked as a research assistant for several years and enjoyed the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in the field of chemical engineering.

After graduating with highest honors with a chemical engineering degree from Case Western University I joined MIT in order to pursue my PhD and continue that work currently. My SAT scores, in the previous format, are 750 in math, 790 in reading, and 730 in writing. Additionally, I scored 166 in math and 167 in verbal reasoning for the GRE, with both scores out of 170, and scored a 5/6 on the essay portion. While working with students for the SAT, I helped several students improve by over 150 points.

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Ryan's qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: Chemical Engineering Bachelors - Case Western Reserve University
Graduate Degree: Pursuing PhD-MIT Chemical Engineering


Running, Chess, Reading, Hiking, Camping, Debate

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