My name is Sabrina and I am a rising senior at Carnegie Mellon University. I am majoring in Biological Sciences while also pursuing a minor in Business Administration, and I am currently on the premedical track. I hold a lot of extracurricular positions on campus, many which I greatly aid me in being able to provide the best teaching experience possible. I am both a Resident Assistant on campus and also a group tutor for an organization known as Academic Development that holds a program called Excel. Specifically, as a group tutor I was able to hold weekly mandatory sessions of 9-10 students in both Genetics and Organic Chemistry. In these sessions I created weekly packets that gave students extra practice problems outside of just their main lecture and also promoted group work and collaboration amongst peers.

Apart from group tutoring in college I also participated in peer tutoring in high school which was a more one on one setting. I was able to teach freshman in my junior and senior year in topics such as algebra and geometry. I often went over homework problems with students and even class material to make sure they were understanding the basic concepts before moving on to anything more complicated. Overall, I think my continued tutoring efforts from high school to college make me really equipped to be able to teach a wide range of subjects and apply a range of teaching skills. My work as an RA and also from babysitting in the past also makes me easy to communicate with and someone thats very good at finding different ways of explaining material.
I’m very comfortable in tutoring math courses up until Calculus as well science courses such as Biology, Chemistry, and even upper level science courses such as Biochemistry, Genetics, and Cell Biology. I am also proficient in English and can tutor SAT English or English classes. Lastly, I also have experience with many business courses such as Accounting and Marketing.

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