I have tutored people from the age of 11 all the way to 20, for several years. Branded as a “mediocre student” by my teachers mid-highschool, I don’t judge; I don’t get disappointed or mad; I fight for the academic “little guy” (all students because they’re subject to a rigid, discrete and arguably colorless curriculum).

I’ve found all academic content boring ever since I couldn’t get past “G” on the alphabet. It took me a lot of effort to devise an implicit subliminal system to transform the content and curriculum given to me to something digestible, interesting/fun, and something that makes sense in relation to the way people naturally think.

I grew up in London and Dubai, studying the British Curriculum, and now study a dual degree of B.S. Computational and Applied Mathematics, and B.A. Economics at The University of Chicago, with an American curriculum that is far different to the one I’m used to.

I understand the stress, confusion, and frustration involved with studying a new subject and getting accustomed to ways of thinking that you’re not used to. I know how to ease it, how to see the silver lining and have fun with it, and maybe even draw on the strengths of coming to a field of study with a different perspective.

Trust me when I say I’ve passed my fair share of academic stress tests. I have very noisy neighbors, who play music till 4 am, I’ve suffered from insomnia, anxiety, had to do 10+ job interviews and still achieved grades that got me to the Dean’s list at arguably the toughest school in the world (trying not to brag).

I’m here to make your learning experience as stress-free and interesting as possible; I’ll know I’ve succeeded when that crippling anxiety you have about upcoming assignments, midterms and finals turns into something short of an itch,,,

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Undergraduate Degree: Computational and Applied Mathematics
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Chess, Cricket, Piano, Ping Pong, Poker

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