Hello! I am very excited to work with you. I was in the Honors Program at UCSB, double majoring in Math and Dance, as well as a calculus tutor. Since my sophomore year of college, I was a calculus tutor for UCSB students ranging from first years to fourth years in individual and classroom settings.

My teaching styles consists of guiding the student in the right direction without handing them the answers. Once I have completed a step-by-step process on how to solve a problem with a student, the student will be able to apply the process to other problems. This process soon becomes second nature to the student, and their frustration will deteriorate. Allowing a student to come to an answer on their own is a much more impactful, this will be an essential tactic in shaping their growth and learning skills.

Talah's qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: Mathematics and Dance
Graduate Degree:


Dancing in Ballet, Pointe, Modern and Contemporary. Playing Classical Piano. Scuba Diving. Traveling.

Tutoring Subjects