Hi! My name is Thomas. I graduated from University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology, and I am currently enrolled in Ohio University’s Master’s of Physician Assistant Practice program. Over the past several years, I have garnered hundreds of hours tutoring a diverse range of students in many subjects. I worked with a private tutoring company for 16 months, during which I tutored K-12 students in subjects ranging from reading, writing, phonics, math, science, and ACT prep. I was also employed by my community college as a math tutor for 6 months, where I tutored students in subjects ranging from pre-algebra to calculus 1. In addition, I have offered private tutoring in various science, math, and writing courses throughout college.

While taking the ACT, a student’s approach to a question is ultimately more important than the student knowing the fine details of the content presented by the question. Therefore, my ACT lessons are focused on test-taking strategies and pacing, and I have helped dozens of students raise their ACT scores by placing emphasis on these methods.

As a tutor, it is my job to make sure that students do not feel intimidated by the material they are studying. Regardless of a student’s learning level, I take the time to adapt to their particular learning strategies, as well as to share some of my own methods for learning. Throughout the learning process, I offer individualized explanations for students to tackle their given subject material, and I ensure understanding by challenging students on concepts we have gone over together.

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Undergraduate Degree: University of California Davis, Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology
Graduate Degree:


I have plenty of hobbies and interests, most notably in illustration and music - I am always trying to find new ways to play and write music. Being from California, I am also and avid fan of the outdoors, and I find time during the summer to backpack and go camping!

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