I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Sociology and I’m fluent in French and Spanish. After tutoring for several years, my passion for education led me to become a certified teacher. I taught American culture and communication to high school students in France for the French Ministry of Education. I’m passionate about teaching, instructing, mentoring, and coaching people from a variety of backgrounds. I enjoy helping people improve and grow.

I’m using my bachelor’s degree to work on the analytical side of education. I’m applying my knowledge of data science to improve learning. Understanding learners is an essential component of making positive contributions to the education industry.

I’m attracted to analytics because I like problem solving, and I think that is why I love to tutor. Having one-on-one meetings, rather than whole class lessons, allows me to clearly identify and focus on one person’s misconceptions.

My favorite thing about tutoring is finding out where people are stuck and coming up with ideas and solutions to help them get unstuck. I’m a really big advocate for learning how to learn. I teach content well, but I also use empathy during every lesson so that I can understand an individual’s attitude towards learning.

I use that awareness to motivate and tailor learning strategies so that people can unlock their potential and see that they are capable of both mastering the content and becoming more independent learners.

I am passionate about math, science, and languages. I look forward to working with students who are excited about a variety of academic disciplines.