Hi there! I am a recent transplant to Los Angeles, after growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and then attending Harvard University in Boston for my undergraduate degree. I have been tutoring and teaching for 7+ years, and I am so excited to begin contributing to the LA community!

Tutoring elementary and middle school students throughout high school, I worked with many different kinds of students across subjects. I often worked with students who struggled with focus or motivation, and my empathetic, caring attitude and penchant for laughs help me connect with distant students and get them excited about learning. I turned this experience into a job at a high school, guest teaching high school drama classes and working with students to help bring out their creativity and push themselves past what they saw as their limits. Creating strong personal bonds with my students has proven to help increase their commitment and improve their all-around experience with school, so I always seek to work with a student’s humanity as well as their grades.

Because I felt so lucky to attend my university, I wanted to help others achieve similar opportunities, working with local students on SAT/ACT prep. I also worked for several years as a college application consultant, helping mostly international students brainstorm and write strong Common App and supplemental essays, build strong all-around applications, and practice for interviews by connecting with their inner life and showcasing their personalities.

To me, “success” is not about a number or a letter on a page, but rather about growth as a human being – I strive to help my students become more self-directed, more enthusiastic, and more in touch with what is going on internally so they can perform well in school and in life on their own.

As a strong writer and avid reader, my strengths lie in the humanities – essay writing at all levels, reading, and history/social studies including A.P. U.S. History, as well as SAT and ACT prep across subjects. I also have much experience with elementary and middle school math and science tutoring.

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Undergraduate Degree: Harvard University, B.A. in Theater, Dance, & Media, Minor in African-American Studies
Graduate Degree:


I love being active - currently I am training for a marathon, and I also absolutely love spending time hiking in the hills around LA. But I also love curling up on the couch and watching TV or reading memoirs and the New York Times, or heading to a mid-day movie!

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