Hello! My name is Emily, and I am a fourth-year History student at the University of California, Los Angeles graduating in June 2019. I have worked as a tutor for close to five years, and each of my students I have tutored have seen marked success and improvement in both grades and motivation to learn their material and further their education! I know firsthand that not all students are exactly alike, and my teaching style is highly personalized to each individual student. I pride myself in my proven ability to teach, motivate, and encourage growth in a student based on their own individual learning style, personal preferences, and interests that motivate them to maintain success in their academic careers!
In addition to my tutoring experience I have a wide and varied range of knowledge on humanities topics that I have received during my time as an undergraduate history student at UCLA. I am extremely passionate not only about history but English/literature, art, and cultural studies! The courses I have taken in these areas have provided me with the vital comprehension of each of these subjects that will allow me to not only effectively teach my students necessary material, but present it in a fun and engaging way that will allow them to connect subjects and themes to their own lives.

Furthermore, I have learned and demonstrated skills in written communication, public speaking and presentations, research methods, education, technology, and leadership through my experience at various school organizations such as student journalism and community service groups. I am confident that these skills ultimately allow me to be an effective, well-rounded, and engaging tutor who is passionate about helping students learn and grow!

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Undergraduate Degree: UCLA: B.A., History
Graduate Degree:


Outside of my academic pursuits I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and swimming, and I spend a lot of time at Southern California's beautiful beaches. In addition, I love making art and visiting museums and galleries, listening to and making music, and baseball. I also love kicking back with a good Netflix show as a reward for a hard day's work! I know that balance is the key to success for my students, and I know how to reward hard work while fostering personal hobbies and interests that will ultimately drive my students to achieve their goals.

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