I’m a neuroscience major at UCSC that specializes in math and science. I love STEM and therefore I love tutoring in these subjects. I have extensive experience tutoring a wide range of ages, courses, and students. During the academic year, I am an AVID tutor at a local high school. My schedule is very flexible, I respond very quickly, and adapt to each student’s unique learning process.

I do not consider myself smart, rather studious. The former being a person that is able to do well in classes without extensive studying and the later being a person who may not understand topics right away but studies in order to understand it and do well in the class. I have refined my study skills so that I can succeed in all my classes and these are skills that I can pass on to students. I am very organized and have a very organized way of teaching. I am a very hard worker and knowledgeable in how to teach these skills.

I first started tutoring about four years ago and tutored two middle school students whom I helped increase at least 5 letter grades in all their classes. Both parents of these students were very satisfied with their results.

My subject fortes are algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, statistics, general biology, organic chemistry, general chemistry, genetics, biochemistry, trigonometry-based physics, psychology, and neuroscience. In high school, I took all Honors math classes as well as AP Calculus AB, AP US History, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Spanish, AP World History, and took the AP Tests for these subjects. At the University level, I have taken calculus courses up until multivariable calculus (although i prefer to tutor lower division math classes), biology and lab, chemistry and lab, organic chemistry and lab, english, psychology, biochemistry, genetics, trigonometry based physics, calculus based physics and lab, yeast molecular laboratory, neuroscience, and sociology.

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Undergraduate Degree: Neuroscience B.S. (2020)
Graduate Degree:


Although I do not have much time for hobbies, I do enjoy working out, playing badminton, and coloring. I thoroughly enjoy learning and sometimes self-teach myself various subjects in my free time.

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