With many hours of experience in tutoring Math and Computer Science subjects and many different age groups, I have developed a strong sense of approaching problems in a simple manner; where they can be broken down and understood thoroughly. I have worked with various personalities and I enjoy working with all students. I enjoy working with anyone who is willing to learn and I also enjoy answering any and all questions that will remove any doubt.

I like to make sure that completion of assignments is not the only goal but understanding the material as well. Being able to take on the material oneself is the main goal when tutoring students. Seeing the students being able to take on problems themselves without hesitation and with a more informed perspective is the true objective of my sessions.

I have worked with many math subjects up to Calculus 2 and Linear Algebra.
Computer Science subjects include languages like Java, Javascript, Python and PHP. I have experience with databases including MySQL and SQLite from Android Studio. Have worked in many teams to develop applications including an Attendance app, Make-up Expiration App and many others.
Experienced with Virtual Studio, Netbeans IDE, Android Studio, Github, GIT and others.

Kevin's qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: Computer Science
Graduate Degree:


My hobbies vary from producing music , fishing, running, hiking, snowboarding and many more!

Tutoring Subjects