Greetings! I have almost 20 years of tutoring experience, 10+ of which have been focused intensely on SAT/ACT as well as algebra.

My Story

When I was an undergrad at UCSD, I began as a volunteer, helping K-12 students (one-on-one and in small groups) with reading assignments. Then when I graduated, I began teaching for education companies. I tutored middle and high school students primarily in writing and algebra, but branched out to help students with whichever subjects they needed, even teaching one student all of her classes for her 11th and 12th grade years (as part of an alternative high school option).

When I discovered my love for SAT/ACT tutoring, I began working full-time for an international test prep company, where I taught summer intensive SAT and ACT classes, as well as one-on-one and small group programs throughout the year.

Over the past decade, I have become highly trained and experienced with these tests, seeing for myself that, when you know how to approach the test questions and practice strategically, you have the power to keep scoring higher and higher until you reach your goals. I would love to show you what I know.

My Tutoring Approach

Through the use of full-length practice tests and homework exercises, I will coach you on my 3 ingredients for a top score:

1. KNOWLEDGE (conceptual grammar, reading, writing, and math knowledge)
2. TEST-TAKING STRATEGIES (how to approach the test, or school assignment, with maximum efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness)
3. MENTALITY (confidence, focus, and endurance)

We will review the concepts you tend to miss or don’t yet feel 100% comfortable with, and fine-tune your approach to test-taking. I want studying to empower you, not drain you. If you’re willing, my goal is to guide you to work smart, and not unnecessarily hard. We’ll work on becoming friends with those concepts that make you want to run the other way. Feeling good, even having some fun, while studying is a key ingredient to success. With this targeted review and continued practice, you will see your score continue to go up and up!

Having worked with all different types of students, each with his/her own learning style, I can adapt to your strengths and needs to maximize the effects your efforts. I believe each student possesses his/her own unique genius, so you never ever have to feel “stupid” or inferior. I am here to support you wherever you are right now.

I will be as meticulous, clear, and patient as will best help you. My step-by-step, visual approach to teaching concepts will make it easy to follow and understand. And with my love for reading, writing, and math, I hope to inspire in you a new appreciation for these valuable life skills.

I can’t wait to talk more and help you feel the ecstasy of knowing you invested in yourself, learned a lot, and did your best!

Kiley's qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Language Studies--Spanish, UCSD
Graduate Degree: M.S. Nutritional Biochemistry, Tufts University


Exploring new places and hiking spots with my twin brother, writing, talking to people, finding new books to read at my favorite coffee or tea shops (especially boba places!)

Tutoring Subjects